Monday Motivation- Yield to Chance

Dear Diary,

It’s Monday, the beginning of a new week. Today, I found myself in desperate need of some motivation to set the tone for success. I looked through my pile of books and discovered I had yet to read Beyond the Label.

The author, Maureen Chiquet, just happens to be the former Global CEO of Chanel!! She is also a Saint Louis native, like myself.

In the book, she shares her thoughts on the different labels we grow up with, and how those labels shape the development of self concepts we form and adhere to throughout life.

As a girl from the MidWest, I found it easy to relate to some of the labels Chiquet faced, questioned, analyzed, and challenged on her own life journey.

Essentially, we share the same goal, to break free of labels and create a successful, satisfying, and deeply fulfilling life in a complex and ever changing world.

As I was reading her chapter on “Yielding to Chance,” Chiquet shared a quote on decision making that gave me a fresh perspective on moving forward.

“Sometimes, you have to take that first step without a fully formulated plan, follow your intuition, and be ready to go with the flow, just like plunging into oncoming traffic at L’Etoile.”

In life, there are times we can and should make short-term and long-term plans for our future.

Then there are times when we should just take ONE STEP forward, a risk, a plunge into the traffic, without knowing the whole plan, and watch as things fall right into place. Happy Reading!

~Yours Truly~

Savoring 💋

Boot Season

Dear Dairy,

It’s officially boot season!! I must confess, I have developed quite a collection of boots over the years and it has been well worth the investment.

Boots go well with everything from your favorite Jean skirt, to pants, and dresses.

If you don’t know where to start, for a well-rounded Fall/Winter boot wardrobe, owning both a pair of tall brown/taupe and a pair of tall black boots is ideal.

I would suggest starting with a pair of taupe since it is a very neutral color that can pair well with black.

I would also suggest choosing a pair that is comfortable, and weathers well. You want to feel free to enjoy playing in the leaves, a walk in the park, or even playing in the snow without worry of a scratch or nick.

Now is the time to stock up on boots and find new ways to style them.

~Yours Truly~

Savoring 💋

A Leap Of Faith

Dear Diary,

Thanksgiving week is over and my 1st priority this past weekend was getting back to my regular workout schedule.

Working out sets the tone for my day, it immediately puts me in a great mood and makes me feel as if I’ve done something for myself.

I like to try a lot of different athletic activities to stay engaged and challenge my body in new ways. Today at the track, I decided to jump some hurdles.

This was a very new challenge for me as I have never actually been trained in track and field events.

I believe we are supposed to put our fears aside and face new challenges head on, to grow and break free of the self defeating thoughts that sometimes hold us back from truly living life to the fullest.

Often times we get stuck in a repetitive day to day cycle, repeating habits that are comfortable and familiar, then wonder why nothing is changing.

To see change, you have to be willing to break outside of your comfort zone and everything that is familiar. Take a leap of Faith.

You never know what will be on the other side of each new experience unless you dare to jump into the unknown.

I loved jumping hurtles today. I took a leap of faith, and when my feet hit the ground on the other side, I knew I was one step closer to a stronger, healthier, and happier version of myself.

In what way do you need to take a leap of faith to experience change?

~Yours Truly~

Savoring 💋

Happy Thanksgiving

Dear Diary,

Today is Thanksgiving, one of my absolute favorite Holidays of the entire year. For one entire day, every November, all across America friends and family gather around the table, share in a Thanksgiving Feast and spend time laughing, talking, story telling, teasing, and reflecting on the blessings of the past year.

I always look forward to various desserts that come out after the big meal like Pumpkin Pie, Pecan Pie, and Berry Cobbler just to name a few.

Staying up late into the night and sharing a glass of wine and intimate conversation with loved ones is always enjoyable, which is why designating a whole Holiday set aside for a special time of bonding over good food and drinks brings me great joy.

A thankful heart brings joy, contentment, and beauty that shines bright for all to see.

~Yours Truly~

Savoring 💋

Low Calorie Peppermint Mocha

Dear Diary,

Holiday drinks have arrived at Starbucks!!! Caramel Brulee Lattes, and Peppermint Mochas, they are so luxuriously smooth and sweet to sip on during the cold months.

Unfortunately, for the waistline, the calories and sugar content in an average size holiday flavored beverage from Starbucks are way over my daily limits for one drink.

Eeekk!! What is a girl to do?!?

Determined to enjoy the holiday goodness, I set out to craft my own delectable beverage.

Today, the universe was on my side, as I just happen to stumble across the perfect ingredients on a trip to the grocery store. I picked up:

•Community Coffee Dark Chocolate Peppermint K-Cups

•Swiss Miss Reduced Calorie Hot Chocolate

•Fat Free Half & Half

•Reddi Wip

•A Mini Chocolate Bar

My inner barestia got to work combining the above mentioned ingredients and…


A steaming hot Peppermint Mocha with only 85 calories, 1 gram of fat, and 5 grams of sugar. Did I mention it was only a fraction of the cost of Starbucks?

Mission accomplished! I’m ready to enjoy a fabulous holiday drink, while keeping my waistline intact.

~Yours Truly~

Savoring 💋

Caramel Apples

Dear Diary,

I’m sure you have heard the phrase, “an apple a day keeps the Doctor away.” Would this include Caramel covered apples as well???

I just can’t get enough of this delicious fall treat! I have an uncontrollable sweet tooth, and the idea of coating a sweet, juicy, apple with a thick Caramel coating, and then garnishing with finely chopped nuts, is like heaven for my taste buds.

For a chilly fall evening inside, I highly suggest pulling out the warm fuzzy socks, throwing on a cozy sweater, lighting the fire place, and savoring all the goodness of a delicately coated Caramel Apple!

My sweet tooth has been satisfied for today!

~Truly Yours~

Savoring 💋

Four Seasons

Dear Diary,

One of my favorite things about life in St. Louis is that we have four full seasons. Winter, summer, spring, and fall, the weather changes and I experience it all.

However, there are days it is a bit tricky knowing how I should dress appropriately for the weather, if I am not paying careful attention.

I always like to keep a variety of clothes in my wardrobe during spring and fall because it might be 80° one day and 50° the next day.

A high of 76° earlier in the week was a real treat and I wore one of my favorite fall dresses with some stretchy ankle boots.

This dress has been a fall staple for a few years because of the soft material, and warm fall colors. I have even had family pictures made in this dress.

The boots are new this fall and I am excited to pair them with as many outfits as possible. I am 5’4′ so I love a good pair of comfortable high heel shoes.

Fashion in the fall, maybe my most favorite season of all.

~Yours Truly~

Savoring 💋