Am I A Shoe or A Hat?

Dear Diary,

Have you ever let the world’s opinion of you, change the way you see yourself?

From close friends and family members, to co-workers, and teachers, everyone has an opinion these days on who, and what they think others should be.

“You’re a shoe, you’re a shoe,” you have been told all your life, so it must be true right?! To gain and keep their acceptance and favor you must be a shoe!

This concept is best illustrated in an episode from the ever so popular 90’s sitcom Friends. Rachel is in the middle of the kitchen, in her wedding dress, on the phone with her father finally having that lightening bolt moment…

Rachel: Daddy! Daddy listen to me! It’s like all my life everyone’s told me, “You’re a shoe! You’re a shoe! You’re a shoe!” Well, what if I don’t want to be a shoe? What if I wanna be a purse or a hat? No, I don’t want you to Buy me a hat, I’m saying I AM a hat. It’s a metaphor Daddy!

It’s easy to give into the pressure of what others want you to be, but dangerous to listen to opinions of those who are secretly still very unsure of themselves.

More often then not, it is those who exhibit the most confidence, that are actually the most insecure and unsure.

There is only One who really knows your true purpose, and that is the One who created you.

You will never find your true purpose in life if you give into the pressure to be a shoe because another person convinced you of such.

God’s favor and blessing comes when we choose to be the person he created us to be, not who our friends and family members say we should be.

You should not let outside expectations or pressures keep you from following the passions in your heart. You were created with special gifts for a very specific reason.

Each one of us is on our own unique journey that is different from anyone else on this earth.

Inner peace comes when you discover you don’t have to be a shoe, you really can be a hat, a purse, or even a scarf. Why not try all of them on and see what fits best? Let me know how it goes!

~Truly Yours~

Savoring 💋

7 Strategies for Singles through the Holidays

Dear Diary,

Last week I shared some of the difficulties of being single through the long Holiday season. Today, I’m ready to share my 7 strategies to make the most of your single status. From new traditions to creative cards, tis’ the season to enjoy your freedom.

1. Invest in yourself – With all the money you are saving by not having to buy a gift for your significant other or extended family, you can spend some extra time and money taking care of you. Go crazy even, and let the inner child within shine. Buy that Giant Unicorn you have always wanted.

2. Make your Bestie your Designated “party date.” – Can’t decide between that new Tinder catch, or an ex you are still friends with as your plus 1? Switch it up this year and take your bestie as your designated party date. You might have even more fun, snap some great bff pics, and add to the list of inside jokes, not to mention you will also have a wingman!

3. Create a New Tradition – What would the holidays be without the family, personal, and cultural traditions that make it feel like the holidays? Starting this year, you decide what activities, and rituals you want to practice. Take yourself to see the Nutcracker, or host a Hot Chocolate party.

4. Meet New People – Challenge yourself to sit next to someone new at every event you attend. It’s a great way to expand your network. Find a common interest and who knows you might just walk away with a new running buddy, or crafting partner.

5. Fly Away – Take a spontaneous solo trip. Want to visit the sandy white beaches in the Bahamas, or spend some time in an old English pub? Go for it. Who knows maybe prince charming is waiting for you on the other side of the world!

6. Eat New Years Grapes – Anxious about who you are going to kiss to ring in the New Year when the ball drops? Why not forget the whole idea of a New Year’s kiss eat grapes as the clock strikes midnight like they do in Spain.

7. Make a Fun Christmas Card – Now is your chance to be as creative as possible when you send out your Holiday cards. Make it fun like my friend Marissa, pose in matching jammies with your pups!

There you have it, just a few fun ideas to live it up during the Holidays and celebrate your single status.

~Yours Truly~

Savoring 💋

Shoes As Self-expression

Dear Diary,

It’s Christmas morning and my dreams have come true! I am the proud new owner of lots of new shoes!!!

From beautiful blue Ugg boots with ribbons, to Kate Spade high heels with bows, and even gold Nikes! I have new shoes for every occasion and adventure!

I believe shoes are a great tool for self- expression and a way to speak without using words. When I wear red heels, I am usually feeling confident and powerful. When I wear my running shoes, I am feeling ambitious and energetic. When I wear slippers, I know it’s time to relax and reflect.

Each and every pair of shoes comes with a special memory or story. When I receive shoes as a gift, I am reminded of the giver, each time I put them on. When I get a pair of shoes on sale, I think about how happy I was to get an awesome discount.

Do you have a favorite pair of shoes? Can you think of a memorable time when your shoes were an outward expression of inward feelings?

It’s Christmas so choose your best shoes and make a great new memory!

~Truly Yours~

Savoring 💋

Tis the Season for Red Shoes

Dear Diary,

Today I went to a Holiday party at Greenbriar Hills Country Club. I love being festive and was thrilled for the opportunity to show off my new red wedges with bows on top.

Greenbriar Hills Country Club in Kirkwood is a fabulous place to host a party.

Every room in the private club had festive decorations that made for a warm and inviting atmosphere. I couldn’t think of a better location for family and friends to gather together and celebrate.

There was also a wide variety of treats, light refreshments, and drinks to enjoy. My favorite dessert… Gingerbread cookies, which were sweet with a hint of spice!

Back to the shoes, I knew I would be on my feet most of the afternoon which is one reason I chose a wedge instead of a stiletto.

The wedges gave me just the right amount of height as I am only 5’4′. The stylish shoes also complemented the colors of my dress, and the decor! The comfort level was superb for walking around the room and socializing with the guests.

Tis’ the Season to find a fun, stylish, chic, but comfortable pair of red shoes, then wear them as much as you dare!

~Truly Yours~

Savoring 💋

Saturday Slippers

Dear Diary,

Today was crazy! Of course I waited till the last minute to do my Christmas shopping. I was at the mall all day grabbing last minute gifts and stocking stuffers. Now I am ready to crash! Lucky I have my Saturday Slippers…

Is there any better way to relax from the madness of Holiday shopping, then a cozy evening by the fire in some warm fuzzy Slippers?

These furry white slippers provide just the right amount of warmth in the winter. No one likes to walk around on cold floors! My house has hard wood floors so I always keep a pair of slip-on house shoes handy. These slippers have cute little pompoms for a hint of fun too!

It’s Saturday and Christmas is just a few days away… pull out the cookies and snacks, put on your cozy slippers and relax!! You deserve a break!

P.S. My cozy slippers came from Five & Below, they cost an unbeatable $5 and make for the perfect last minute gift. 😉

~Yours Truly~

Savoring 💋

Single Bells

Dear Diary,

What is it about the Holiday Season that makes being single 10x harder then any other time of the year? It’s almost like running a marathon. You start the Holiday Season race totally pumped for parties, paid time off, gift giving, lights, need I go on?

☆Ready for the Marathon☆

The race is going smoothly until you start to look around, and cannot help noticing happy couples at ever corner sharing in the magic of the holidays.

And while all the couples are off doing couples things: like holding hands, drinking hot coco by the fire, ice skating through central park, taking selfies kissing under the mistletoe, or finding the perfect tree together, us single folk are left feeling our way through the 7 different stages of loneliness.

☆Why am I single???☆

Stage 1: Confusion – you know you are a great catch with a lot to offer a significant other. This is when the question, “why am I still single” starts to plague your mind. You start reviewing all your past relationships, picking apart what went wrong, and start to second guess yourself.

☆The Family Get-together☆

Stage 2: Anxious – you might be smiling on the outside, but inside your mind is racing. You want to have the right answers to all the questions from family about why you aren’t dating anyone, what happened with the last guy, and how are those online dates? While you are still trying to answer these questions yourself, the questions from others don’t make it any eaisier. Then there are the couples who have been in relationship longer then you have been alive, that try to console you. “You should be greatful for xyz…” That is easy to say when you haven’t slept alone in 20+ years.

Stage 3: Frustrated – at the world in general for promoting and celebrating couples as if they won an Olympic medal. I am not minimizing the work it takes to have a healthy relationship. It also takes a ton of inner strength, confidence, and courage to be single, especially for long periods of time.

Why aren’t we celebrating more singles for having the courage, and self-esteem to say “No” to the wrong relationship?

How many people are silently suffering in abusive relationships, or making excuses for toxic partners because of cultural pressures to be in relationship?

☆True Love.. a Swipe Away☆

Stage 4: Tricked – by dating apps and advertisements that have cheapened the value of finding a soulmate. Swipe Left, Swipe Right, finding love is as easy as an app download, a photo upload, and a few text messages. If this were true, why are the same people still on those sites year after year?

☆Just me.. no plus 1☆

Stage 5: Alone – at places like the company holiday party, the family’s Christmas dinner, the annual Christmas Eve Church service (this is the worst), or watching Home Alone while snowed in, left in seclusion.

Stage 6: Cold – as in that feeling when you walk outside and the icey air whips at your face, without gloves your fingers go numb, and even with a coat you still feel a chill. Humans were made for physical affection, and I am not talking about a hug from your great aunt or a small child. The coziest blanket in the world is no substitute for the warm embrace of a lover, or the feeling of holding hands with your soulmate.

Stage 7: Very Alone – being single on say Valentine’s Day, is not too big of a deal as it only lasts 24 hours. It’s pretty easy to trick your mind into believing it is a special day dedicated to celebrating the invention of Chocolate. The Holiday Marathon however, starts the second we flip the switch on Halloween, and lasts all the way through the New Years Ball Drop.

As Christmas day approaches, I know the Marathon is almost over, (sigh of relief) but isn’t the last stretch always the hardest? At the beginning of the race you have the most energy, and confidence you will make it to the end and maybe even beat your best time. By mile 21 your entire body is aching and your mind starts to work against you. This is the critical point when you need to give it all you’ve got.

☆Think Happy Thoughts☆

If you can identify with any of the feelings I mentioned above and you have made it this far, don’t give up yet!! The finish line is right around the corner. Next week I’ll share 7 strategies to boost your confidence and finish the Holiday season strong!

~Yours Truly~

Savoring 💋

Photo Credit:

Happy Nerd Photography

Fitness Meets Fashion

Dear Diary,

The cold weather and gray days almost killed my workout vibes. My daily mantra has become, “the cold is friend, not my enemy.”

When I started making a list of reasons to skip my run for a nap, I knew it was time to slay my inner quitter and practice mental toughness.

The first step to combat the “it’s too cold” excuse is find the right gear. I recently stumbled across a new brand of Athletic clothing called Utmost Existence.

The clothes are incredibly comfortable, durable, and stretchy providing for a great range of movement. The gear is perfect for indoor or outdoor workouts. I do a lot of stretching indoors but love to go outside for my cardio.

The brand itself was created for all those who want to live life to the fullest. Utmost Existence is more then just a line of clothing, it is a movement of like-minded folks who strive for excellence.

A quick wardrobe update and I’m ready to crush those workouts no matter how cold and frigid the temperatures are. What are some of your workout setbacks?

~Yours Truly~

Savoring 💋