A girl on a mission….

Welcome to my blog, Savoring STL N’ Style! This blog is an online Diary of my journey in the FAITH.

What’s in a name? If you are curious yet about the STL, it stands for Spiritual Truths for Living. Each day I grow in my faith and spend time meditating on GOD’s Word, the Bible. I love to Savor the Spiritual Truth He has given in order to live my very best life.

I believe the core elements that make up everyday life are faith, fitness, fun, family, food, and fashion. We need a balance to be our best selves.

My lifestyle is grounded in my faith, centered around my family, enriched by great friends, and fun times, expressed through fashion, and sustainable with great food and proper fitness.

I hope you enjoy, and find the inspiration to live your best life by creating a balance that fits your lifestyle and goals.