Do Fairytales Exist In Real Life?

The Secret Attitude To Becoming A True Princess.

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Have you ever imagined what your life would be like if you lived in a Fairytale?

What role would you play? Would you have a sidekick, talking animal friends, or a fairy godmother? Where would your fairytale take place? Who would be the villain? Would you seek out more adventure, mystery, or romance as the storyline?

I use to think that Fairytales only exist in storybooks, and the opportunities to be Princess for a day were few and far between! After all, how often do we get the chance to parade around in ballgowns, and wear tiaras, and glass slippers? A girl has to wait for prom, her wedding day, or possibly those early days in a budding romance to feel the magic and beauty of a Fairytale, right?!

In Real-Life, we go through the motions, almost as if on autopilot. Wake up, coffee, shower, school or work, more coffee, hour upon hour in front of a computer screen, solving problems, traffic jams, dinner, chores, exercise or tv time, go to sleep and REPEAT!

Eventually, our mini escape into someone else’s life through tv and social media, our joy in taking long sips of soda or coffee, and a gossip session with friends or coworkers become the highlights of our existence as we plod through daily routines.

But that is NOT the life we were created for. We were created for So Much More! Which is why, no matter how hard we try to drown it out with activities that keep us busy, we can’t ignore the still small voice inside that is calling us to a bigger adventure.

What is your Favorite Fairytale?

My favorite fairytale is Beauty and the Beast. Maybe because it was the first movie I ever saw in a movie theater on the big screen? Maybe it was eaisier for me to finally identify with Disney’s first brunette princess, finally a heroine with my hair color! Or maybe it was because, for the first time in my life, I started to see the REAL ELEMENTS of what makes a fairytale a fairytale.

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It’s not the ballgowns, the tiaras, the glass slippers, and carriage ride, all of which usually last less then 2 minutes in the movies. That’s right, it’s not the glam we are attracted to. It’s the back-story, and heart behind every Princess that makes us believe there might be more to this life than we presently see.

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It’s the story of women who refuse to give up on thier goals regardless of all the obstacles they face in life. The story of women who know deep in thier hearts the world has more adventure, mystery, and romance and those women aren’t afraid to take a risk to experience it. It is the story of women who are kindhearted, yet determined to believe in thier dreams.

You see Belle, in all her beauty, still felt odd. Her backstory might be relatable to some of you reading this. She lived on the outskirts of town, she was being raised by a single dad who was a total engineer nerd, and she was made fun of for taking more interest in books then looks. Let’s face it, she was different. Her beliefs in the enchanted worlds she read about were ridiculed.

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Belle went through the daily routines and she was pressured day after day to conform. She was offered the chance to fit in, just as we are offered many chances in this world to conform to the expectations of society. But she held firm to her beliefs. She refused to fake happiness in order to fit in with the crowd pleasers. She was confident enough in her identity to follow her heart into the biggest adventure of her life, even when her leap of faith made her appear crazy to the world of conformity.

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In order to live in a fairytale, we must be willing to be different. We must be willing to stand out. We must change the way we think and view the world we live in.

I know what you are thinking, “Cute concept, but I can’t leave my picket white fence of safety, to follow my heart into the woods where you claim I will discover an enchanted castle which will open the door to happily ever after!”

Or Can You?

Belle’s adventure began long before she discovered a castle in the woods, met the Beast, and broke the evil spell casting shadows over the Kingdom. Her adventure began the day she made the decision to follow her heart, instead of the crowd and Believe in something she couldn’t see.

Disney Wiki

And that is the Very First Step, to creating a REAL-LIFE Fairytale.


If you are willing to believe, and to open up your heart and mind to the teachings in the ultimate book of miracles and mystery, The Bible, then you can unlock the door between you and your real-life fairytale.

This isn’t an adventure for the faint of heart, the call to step into the Kingdom of Light will not come without challenges and setbacks, they are a part of every great fairytale after all.

But I will be with you every step of the way. If you are ready for this adventure sign up for post notifications. Next week I’ll introduce you to the Orgins Story. Your Fairytale Awaits!

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