Fashion Friday: Who Do You Look to for Approval?

Spiritual Truth:
Fearing people is a dangerous trap, but trusting the LORD means safety. ~Proverbs 29:25

Fashion month recently came to a close with fashion shows in London, New York, Milan, and Paris. The runways were full of the latest trends for the new season. I recently attended a local fashion show for an exclusive glimpse of new designer collections.

As I looked through all of the elegant fabrics, and lush colors, of the fall line I started to try on different outfits. Of course everyone at the show had an opinion on the outfits and styles they thought would look best on me.

“Wow! That jumpsuit looks fabulous on you, you should get it.”

“Green is definitely your color.”

The pressure was on as I went into the fitting room with several items and changed in and out of trendy jumpsuits and velvet jackets.

As I looked at my reflection in the mirror, I started to think more deeply about whom I was aiming to please with each new style?

When you wake up each morning and get ready for the day, who do you look to for approval? Do you want approval from your friends, neighbors, or co-workers perhaps?

Do you wake up with confidence in your God given abilities, talents, and gifts? Or do you wake up thinking about who you will see, where you will go, and how you will fit into the mold of those you will come into contact with throughout the day?

If you are going to be all that God created you to be you can’t focus on what others think of you. The opinions of others can become a distraction from God’s opinion and thoughts towards us.

If you change with every criticism trying to win the favor and acceptance of others, then you will go through life being manipulated and let people squeeze you into a box.

You will become like a chameleon changing your colors to match the scenery, but you will never be living life to the fullest extent if you are constantly changing for others.

It took me a long time to realize that I can’t keep every person in my life happy. It’s impossible to make everyone like me.

There will almost always be someone in life who will suggest I change in some way, shape or form. I will never win over all my critics.

Instead of trying to please people, just please God, Almighty. Try to be the person He made you to be and understand Your identity comes from Christ and not others.

You do not need others approval of your decisions only God’s approval. And when you have God’s approval no one can come against you. Romans 8:31 says, “If God is for us, who can be against us?”

Praying the Word:
Lord, I seek You first today and pray that I will hear Your voice above all other voices. Your Word says that nothing can separate us from Your great love. Help me to find my identity in You each day.

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