Walking in Step With God

◇◇•◇Spiritual Truth◇•◇◇
A man’s heart plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps.
-Proverbs 16:9, NKJV

Have you made your plans for tomorrow yet? Are you ready for next week, or the month ahead? I love to plan so much so, “back to school” season is my excuse to purchase a new planner! Thank goodness I have kids so I can also justify my need for tons of stickers, pens, and highlighters that make planning even more fun!

How often do your plans go as scheduled? We all know to leave room for last minute surprises right!?

The real question is, how often do you talk to God about the plans you are making in your heart? Do you look to Him for help guiding your steps in the small, mundane, day-to-day plans as well as the big decisions and life events?

Learning to walk in step with God is a journey and it takes practice. His desire for us is that we become more dependent on Him for EACH STEP.

As the scripture says, in our heart we have a plan, God has given us dreams and desires that fuel our Spirit. Then we must give those plans to God, He wants to be the One that directs our steps, and make SURE we get there.

If you are headed in the wrong direction, there is good news, God will turn you around. If you feel you are at a stand still, God will get you moving again. When you give Him your plans and let Him lead, He will get you where you need to go!

Pray this prayer today!

Lord, go before me and lead me down the path you have prepared for me. I want to walk in step with You each day. Align my heart’s desires with Yours, and help me to put my trust and faith in You for Your direction and leading.

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