All is Well

◇◇•◇Spiritual Truth◇•◇◇
Tell the righteous it will be well with them, for they will enjoy the fruit of their deeds.
-Isaiah 3:10, NIV

What an amazing promise?! No matter what your current circumstances, God wants His children to know things will work out! All will be well!

Maybe you are thinking, “I’m sick, things aren’t well at all!” Maybe back to school expenses have you thinking, “It’s not well with my finances; I’m totally struggling right now.”

God understands those feelings and times of doubt which is exactly why He gives us promises of hope. Remember it is not the end for you!

God is always working behind the scences and has something new coming your way!

Praying the Word: Lord, help me to look past my present circumstances and trust in the future You have prepared for me. Give me strength to continue to do good deeds according to your Word, so that I will enjoy the fruits of my labor.

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