Spring Hair Accessories

Dear Diary,

Spring is in the air and I’m ready to savor each moment of sunshine in style! This weekend I did some exploring at Forever 21, where I stumbled across some amazingly feminine and fun new hair accessories!

I usually play it safe when it comes to hair styles, but the 2019 S/S runway looks which featured everything from headbands, and bows, to chunky barrettes, and scarves inspired me to try something new.

My inner child came out as I left the store with at least 5 new hairpieces to experiment with!

If you are looking for some chic pieces to instantly transform your spring wardrobe, here are 3 hair trends to try.

1. Statement Headbands

An easy way to add just the right touch of chic to any outfit!

2. Bows

Satin? Velvet? Ribbon? There are bows in every texture and color! Let your girly side rule this spring with a fabulous new hair bow!

3. Scrunchies

From bandana detail to pineapples, the scrunchie options are endless. Ponytails have never been more eye catching!

Xoxo πŸ’‹


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