February Fashion Challenge

Dear Diary,

It’s the start of a new month and February 1st, was National Wear Red Day!

On “National Wear Red Day” the American Heart Association (AHA) aims to raise awareness about heart disease in women. I was surprised to learn that currently, heart disease is the #1 killer in women, and disease rates in younger women are increasing each year!

I love the idea of setting aside 1 day each year to wear red and raise awareness, but if disease rates are increasing, is 1 day really enough?

I think it’s time to place an even greater emphasis on raising awareness, especially among younger women so I decided to create a February Fashion Challenge.

The Goal of the challenge is to wear something with either red or pink each day in the month of February. The colors will act as a daily reminder to take extra special care of your heart, and may encourage others to do the same.

Feel free to join me and comment below with fun ways to add some red or pink into your outfit of the day.

~Yours Truly~

Savoring 💋

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