Color Trends: Red Pear

Dear Diary,

Did you know that each season has a new color palette, and distinctive themes that define the fashion trends we see emerging all around us?

Once I learned this secret of fashion week, I found new ways to stay on trend without the pressure to run out and buy all new clothes.

I love to start each season by checking out the Pantone Color palette, wardrobe themes, and trending fabrics. Then I dig through my enormous closet to see what items I can piece together for a runway look without breaking the bank account.

One color that really stands out to me this winter is Red Pear. The color is a deep, rich shade of red that looks luxurious in many different textures.

I’m feeling the dark and moody vibe of the Victorian era in this color.

Still not convinced you can pull it off? Here is a snap of 5 items in the lucious Red Pear for those dark and moody winter days you want to make a statement.

Being trendy this winter can be as easy as wearing a pair of warm, fuzzy, fur-lined gloves, or velvet pants.

Now go check out your closet for all the “Red Pear” apparel and let me know what you found!

Yours Truly

~Savoring πŸ’‹

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