7 Strategies for Singles through the Holidays

Dear Diary,

Last week I shared some of the difficulties of being single through the long Holiday season. Today, I’m ready to share my 7 strategies to make the most of your single status. From new traditions to creative cards, tis’ the season to enjoy your freedom.

1. Invest in yourself – With all the money you are saving by not having to buy a gift for your significant other or extended family, you can spend some extra time and money taking care of you. Go crazy even, and let the inner child within shine. Buy that Giant Unicorn you have always wanted.

2. Make your Bestie your Designated “party date.” – Can’t decide between that new Tinder catch, or an ex you are still friends with as your plus 1? Switch it up this year and take your bestie as your designated party date. You might have even more fun, snap some great bff pics, and add to the list of inside jokes, not to mention you will also have a wingman!

3. Create a New Tradition – What would the holidays be without the family, personal, and cultural traditions that make it feel like the holidays? Starting this year, you decide what activities, and rituals you want to practice. Take yourself to see the Nutcracker, or host a Hot Chocolate party.

4. Meet New People – Challenge yourself to sit next to someone new at every event you attend. It’s a great way to expand your network. Find a common interest and who knows you might just walk away with a new running buddy, or crafting partner.

5. Fly Away – Take a spontaneous solo trip. Want to visit the sandy white beaches in the Bahamas, or spend some time in an old English pub? Go for it. Who knows maybe prince charming is waiting for you on the other side of the world!

6. Eat New Years Grapes – Anxious about who you are going to kiss to ring in the New Year when the ball drops? Why not forget the whole idea of a New Year’s kiss eat grapes as the clock strikes midnight like they do in Spain.

7. Make a Fun Christmas Card – Now is your chance to be as creative as possible when you send out your Holiday cards. Make it fun like my friend Marissa, pose in matching jammies with your pups!

There you have it, just a few fun ideas to live it up during the Holidays and celebrate your single status.

~Yours Truly~

Savoring 💋

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