See’s Chocolate

Dear Diary,

Yesterday, I received a very special gift from a very special friend. My friend handed me a red wrapped box, and with a twinkle in his eye he whispered, “Even as an adult, you can still enjoy the magic of Christmas as if you were a child.”

As soon as he had gone, I tore open the red wrapping to find a beautiful 1lb box of assorted Chocolates.

I love receiving gifts and as a Chocolate lover, I couldn’t be more excited at the delicious box of sweets before my eyes!

I had never tasted chocolate made by See’s Candies before. I was in for a special treat. The box held a wide assortment of dark chocolate, milk chocolate, soft centers, and nuts and chews.

Each chocolate held a surprise of delicious flavors for my taste buds to savor.

See’s kitchen uses only the finest ingredients which means the quality of these special American-made candies is superb.

The Chocolates were so delicious I could not eat just one. I really did feel the magic of Christmas today, and I am so proud to have See’s Chocolates as a new holiday tradition.

~Yours Truly~

Savoring 💋

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