Chic Boots for Winter

Dear Diary,

Can you think of anything more stylish then a fabulous pair of knee high black boots? Black boots are the perfect compliment to any outfit during the cold winter months!

If you are looking for a chic look to wear into the office, try a pair of leather boots with a sophisticated dress.

For a day at the office, I chose to wear a classic black, and white wool dress with a leather stripe near the waist line. The black boots accentuate the leather stripe in the dress and instantly add an edgier feel.

Black boots offer style, comfort, and warmth! I get cold so easily, a pair of boots over warm socks or stockings, adds an extra layer of protection against frigid temperatures.

For an evening out on the town, I wore a cozy pair of black boots with faux suede fabric, and a bright blue lacey dress! To make the most of their striking appearance, I made sure to pair the boots with a dress that had just the right pop of eye-catching color.

Black boots are Sharp enough for the office, Simple enough for casual attire, Warm enough for winter, and Stunning for an evening out on the town! Add a pair to your wardrobe today as the key to maintaining an exciting aesthetic that will turn heads wherever you go.

~Yours Truly~

Savoring πŸ’‹

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