Monday Motivation- Yield to Chance

Dear Diary,

It’s Monday, the beginning of a new week. Today, I found myself in desperate need of some motivation to set the tone for success. I looked through my pile of books and discovered I had yet to read Beyond the Label.

The author, Maureen Chiquet, just happens to be the former Global CEO of Chanel!! She is also a Saint Louis native, like myself.

In the book, she shares her thoughts on the different labels we grow up with, and how those labels shape the development of self concepts we form and adhere to throughout life.

As a girl from the MidWest, I found it easy to relate to some of the labels Chiquet faced, questioned, analyzed, and challenged on her own life journey.

Essentially, we share the same goal, to break free of labels and create a successful, satisfying, and deeply fulfilling life in a complex and ever changing world.

As I was reading her chapter on “Yielding to Chance,” Chiquet shared a quote on decision making that gave me a fresh perspective on moving forward.

“Sometimes, you have to take that first step without a fully formulated plan, follow your intuition, and be ready to go with the flow, just like plunging into oncoming traffic at L’Etoile.”

In life, there are times we can and should make short-term and long-term plans for our future.

Then there are times when we should just take ONE STEP forward, a risk, a plunge into the traffic, without knowing the whole plan, and watch as things fall right into place. Happy Reading!

~Yours Truly~

Savoring πŸ’‹

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