A Leap Of Faith

Dear Diary,

Thanksgiving week is over and my 1st priority this past weekend was getting back to my regular workout schedule.

Working out sets the tone for my day, it immediately puts me in a great mood and makes me feel as if I’ve done something for myself.

I like to try a lot of different athletic activities to stay engaged and challenge my body in new ways. Today at the track, I decided to jump some hurdles.

This was a very new challenge for me as I have never actually been trained in track and field events.

I believe we are supposed to put our fears aside and face new challenges head on, to grow and break free of the self defeating thoughts that sometimes hold us back from truly living life to the fullest.

Often times we get stuck in a repetitive day to day cycle, repeating habits that are comfortable and familiar, then wonder why nothing is changing.

To see change, you have to be willing to break outside of your comfort zone and everything that is familiar. Take a leap of Faith.

You never know what will be on the other side of each new experience unless you dare to jump into the unknown.

I loved jumping hurtles today. I took a leap of faith, and when my feet hit the ground on the other side, I knew I was one step closer to a stronger, healthier, and happier version of myself.

In what way do you need to take a leap of faith to experience change?

~Yours Truly~

Savoring πŸ’‹

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