Four Seasons

Dear Diary,

One of my favorite things about life in St. Louis is that we have four full seasons. Winter, summer, spring, and fall, the weather changes and I experience it all.

However, there are days it is a bit tricky knowing how I should dress appropriately for the weather, if I am not paying careful attention.

I always like to keep a variety of clothes in my wardrobe during spring and fall because it might be 80° one day and 50° the next day.

A high of 76° earlier in the week was a real treat and I wore one of my favorite fall dresses with some stretchy ankle boots.

This dress has been a fall staple for a few years because of the soft material, and warm fall colors. I have even had family pictures made in this dress.

The boots are new this fall and I am excited to pair them with as many outfits as possible. I am 5’4′ so I love a good pair of comfortable high heel shoes.

Fashion in the fall, maybe my most favorite season of all.

~Yours Truly~

Savoring 💋

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