Coffee Run

Dear Diary,

It’s Foodie Friday and I decided to check out a local coffee shop for my regular morning latte. I put on my colorful fall hat and yellow jacket, stepped out in the morning drizzle, and found myself down the street at…

Anxious for some caffeine to get a jump start on this dreary Friday morning, I took a peek inside. I was impressed with the variety of coffee drinks, and mouthwatering bakery selection.

Now I was interested in more then just a basic coffee, I surveyed the menu and chose a Caramel Latte. As I looked around the quaint little shop, I spied the various selections of coffee available and did some shopping while the barestia went to work crafting my cup of joy!

So many great choices and Gooey Butter Cake mix too?!?! Park Avenue is the spot for this St Louis “unofficial official” dessert as they have the World’s Largest Selection of GOOEY BUTTER CAKE. Between the coffee, sweets, and warm inviting atmosphere I wanted to pull up a chair and stay all day.

It’s quite a miracle I made it out with just a latte… and my list of all 73 Gooey Butter Cake flavors so I can plan for my next visit. Maybe I should try S’mores? Apple Cinnamon? Cranberry Walnut? Decisions, decisions..

Happy Foodie Friday! What’s your favorite flavor?

~Yours Truly~

Savoring 💋

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